HSQE Overview

Our Quality systems have been developed to meet the requirements of EN ISO 9001, 14001 & 45001 receiving full accreditation for its procedures and their operation.

Our procedures already provide checks, evidence and assurance to the Client, the Clients Professional Team and third-party Auditors that the structure JBS are providing is to the standard contracted.

Commitment and Training

Our Main Board’s vision remains simple: to create a culture at all levels, where everybody’s first thought is for the safety of themselves and everybody around them. Our commitment to achieving this vision is through investment in people and training. We believe a safe environment results from entire participation of managers and staff in identifying hazards and being proactive in their elimination.


We recognise that the quality of the produced structure is paramount and that through the commitment of our staff and the robustness of our control and monitoring systems JBS can produce the structure to meet the required standard.

We have a comprehensive quality assurance programme driven from the top down, ensuring we follow precise standards and methodologies to deliver our work. This is crucial and quality monitoring is an integral part of our management system


JBS takes a considered and structured approach to managing its environmental impacts. We have a strong commitment to the prevention of pollution, adhering to all environmental legislation. We are committed to continuous improvements to achieve progress in environmental performance.

Our Environmental Policy sets out our approach to achieving our environmental objectives. Through clearly defined procedures, training and communications, we make sure that our environmental objectives are embedded within our company culture and business plans.